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Today I woke up from a very

fancy dream.

From my own part I have never had a thought which I could not set down in words. There is however a class of fancies of exquisite delicasy, which are not thoughts and to which is yet;
- I must confess -, are absolutely impossible to adapt to language.

These fancies are rising the soul.

And at those near points of time - where the confines of the waking world lend with the world of dreams, I captured this ...fancy,
where all what we see or seen is but a dream...within a dream !

I was really scared.
Ok it is not important about what I dreamed, but after walking in the kitchen to drink my coffee I had an idea.

This idea began to cover me with a good feeling after I put into balance that : "all good things will shine"

=> "Go & Dance life's dance, just a few steps at a time, and in the wink of an eye you will wonder to yourself, ...Was I having a dream?"

! And remember this only and one thing !
"We all have to take action individually and immediately, before we are gone in milliseconds like in a >> FLASH!"

"Success will never lower its standard, we have to raise our standard to achieve it.
For every bird, god provides food but not in his nest!" ;-)

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